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Software development often feels very sluggish. Instead of developing new features, you lose valuable time troubleshooting and eliminating architectural legacy issues. Tools and processes are quickly adapted as a first reflex, but the well-intentioned changes do not lead to greater flexibility as hoped. For example, while mandatory code reviews improve code quality, they also create additional waiting times when every code change has to be approved first. Technical approaches like DevOps, continuous delivery, test-driven development, domain-driven design, or the clean code movement all look promising, but without the right balance and a look at the human side, valuable flexibility is quickly at risk.

I offer a holistic view from the outside and help you to develop sustainable, flexible software architectures based on the requirements and in compliance with the SOLID principles.


For me, agility means being able to react flexibly to changed requirements, for example because customer requirements change or due to uncertain market conditions. In order to achieve this flexibility and to maintain it in the long term, the focus for me is on cooperation in the team and the organization. Together you can achieve more, through working together at eye level and a safe environment in which experiments and retrospectives are used for continuous improvement.

The circumstances in a company help to decide between Scrum, Kanban or other approaches. When in doubt, what works well is the right thing to do. And what is not going well is adjusted together.

I would be happy to support you in selecting and implementing the right agile framework and designing a safe environment for your teams.


Change processes rarely run without resistance – especially when it comes to self-organization and cultural change, as is the case with the introduction of agile methods. Rather than relying on best practices or wise advice from a consultant, changes are more easily embraced when motivated by shared insights. With group formats such as Liberating Structures or Gamestorming, blind spots can be illuminated and ideas for solutions can be developed. After the introduction of participatory decision-making processes, the way is clear for self-organization.

I accompany you and your team with engaging retrospectives and systemic coaching on the path to more agility and help you to achieve more clarity in roles such as Scrum Master or Product Owner.