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Remote TDD Training

In the training

  you will discover test-driven development as a superpower for developers

  get to know the most helpful aspects of TDD in concise theory units

  internalize the concepts with practical coding challenges (code katas)

  work in your own programming language (C#, Java, JavaScript, C++ or Python)

  experience real collaboration with pair programming/ensemble programming

Test-Driven Development

In test-driven development (TDD), automated tests are written before the actual production code. This results in high-quality code that is easier to adapt and expand with refactorings thanks to its good test coverage.

Ensemble Programming

Ensemble programming (also known as mob programming) is a collaborative working method in which the development team works together on the same problem at the same time.


  5 sessions of 3 hours each

  for a team of 5-10 people

  900€/participant plus VAT

  German or English

  C#, Java, JavaScript, C++ or Python – others by arrangement

  Remote training with Whereby, VS Code and Miro as collaboration tools