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Armin Troy

Armin Troy

Recognize yourself?

Your team is developing past the customer’s needs

Your team is overwhelmed by technical legacy issues

Your team is a loose bunch and everyone has their own projects

Your team is doing Scrum, but it’s not really working

You find it difficult to meet the expectations of management, customers and the team

You hardly have time for strategic issues in your day-to-day business

My offer – the Agile Team Camp

  • In the Agile Team Camp I work intensively with you and your team for several months
  • We tackle your specific challenges from day one
  • In crisp training sessions you will learn what really helps you move forward
  • We create the conditions for effective collaboration in your team
  • You will learn how to uncover the actual needs of your customers
  • Your team learns to write adaptable software and master legacy issues with test-driven development

Your team after the Agile Team Camp

Your team knows your goals and can work with more focus

Your team has learned how to work more efficiently and relieve you through self-organization

Your team has established a continuous improvement process in its day-to-day work

Your team knows how to write adaptable and maintainable code and get quality issues under control

Your team creates greater added value through active exchange with your customers